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Flat Rate vs Traditional Merchant Account

Just like there is not a single shoe that fits all feet, there is not a single payment processing plan that fits all types of retailers. For example, a flat rate plan may work for small, low volume kioks and boutiques, but the high percentage rates of flat rate plans quickly become too expensive for high volume merchants. Conversely, the monthly and transaction fees can add up for low volume merchants with low priced items.

Which option would work best for you? You can see for yourself by using our Payment Processing Calculator below:

Use Our Payment Processing Calculator Wizard to Estimate Your Monthly Fees

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Step 2 See Which Processing Plan Works Best Your Store

Representative Processing Quote

Flat Rate Plus

Tiered Merchant Account

% %
Total Monthly Cost
% %

Note: Your fees and costs may vary based on the actual volume and composition of your monthly credit and debit card transactions. This is meant to be a pricing estimation tool not a binding pricing proposal.

Payment Processing Assumptions


Transaction-Based Fees % of Trans $ Per Trans
Fixed Rate
Other Fees
No additional fees

Available Tiered Merchant Account

Transaction-Based Fees % of Trans $ Per Trans
Qualifying Visa/MC/Discover
Other Transaction Types
American Express
Other Fees
Monthly Fee - Credit Cards
PCI Compliance Fee $    4.95
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